1. Lead and manage general workers to execute construction works on time
  2. Comply with construction standards to meet customer’s expectations
  3. Source for own team of general workers for company
  4. Maintain worker morale of all time
  5. Other duties as assigned



  1. Having some technical skills in construction at site
  2. Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or equivalent is a plus
  3. Comprehensive experience in construction works, especially in ceiling, painting and drywall partition
  4. Skill in leadership to maintain loyalty of general workers and problem-solving
  5. Be dedicated, responsible and committed to complete work on time
  6. Possess own team of workers (e.g. 5 people) influentially
  7. Knowledge in English communication is a plus


Contact Information

Phone                           : (+855) 010 484 535 / (+855) 092 484 535

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