You’re now invited to be part of our growing team as Marketing Manager to oversee the management of the marketing team, also responsible for developing, promoting businesses, services, products, brands, as well as implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for an entire company in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

Your main accountabilities will be:

1. Business and Strategic Development: 
  • Develop, implement, and execute strategic marketing and branding plans for the company to attract potential customers, retain existing ones and maximum company
  • Organize strategic planning into forms and P&A including Marketing Mapping, Marketing Budget Plan and
  • Leverage P&A to team members, make sure that every members understand their roles and responsibilities to maximum the effectiveness of
  • Propose, manage, and control the budget plan and expense, saving cost and maximum use of expense at the same time.
2.  Market Study and Research: 
  • Consolidate and organize marketing research studies, evaluate, and analyze findings of consumers’ behavior and perception, competitors’ activities, and market share.
  • Perform market study and research by various platform including Market visit, Mystery shop- ping and customer survey both Phnom Penh and Province Market
  • Report feedback to management so to find the next solution to maintains the market position and compete with competitors.
3.  Marketing and Sales Execution:
  • Manage marketing communications and promotional campaigns by working closely either Marketing and sales member, agencies on printing, advertising, event planning and direct
  • Advertising campaign with multi-channel platform, mixing the use of traditional marketing and digital
  • Ensure that sales activity is directed towards areas of maximum profitable revenues by pre- paring sales promotion by seasonal, holidays and sales revenues.
  • Support sales activities and their customers for maximum brand exposure including advertisement (SSB, Light box, Display and sample), Sales promotion and campaign.
  • Organize and execute marketing event for various objectives including customer objectives, Brand Exposure, Product introductions and customer
  • Develop branding materials by consistency on branding positioning including Product Poster, TDS, Sample, Sales KISS, POSM and other
  • Conduct training and Development program to train sales team and related
  • Communicate product sales price to related department by providing them both soft and hard copy.
  • Support sales team in response to their customer feedback, product error and problem, site visit and consulting with product principles and technicians.
  • Develop and prepare Sales retention program including sales rebate, Sales incentive, and any awards, requested by the management.
  • Digital and social media advertisement and campaign, promoting the products and brand by organize growth and paid advertisement.
  • Organize and information flow into website.
  • Work closely with each product principles to develop marketing strategy, P&A, execution, and market update.
  • Request any accessory materials to support sales including POSM, Catalog, Sample and Promotion.
  • Lead and manage team member, leveraging works and planning by KPIs and evaluation.
4.  Group Level: 
  • Participants in ISI Group monthly meeting to update each other BU, keeping the information and communicate relevant across all BU under the ISI ISI Group.
  • Participants in any events, activations, and marketing materials to maximum the company exposure in Group level.
5.  Manage other tasks, projects and assignments as assigned by the management.


Your role’s requirements will be:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business development, economics or equivalent
  • At least 5 years of work experience in related field
  • Skill in MS Office, products understanding, sales, marketing and leading the team to achieve goals
  • Skill in communication, negotiation, convincing and problem-solving
  • Capable of performing ethically and working under pressure
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese
  • Be flexible, committed, and able to travel.


 Contact Information

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