Job Description

  1. Business and Strategic Development:
    Develop, Implement and execute strategic marketing and branding plans for the company to attract potential customers, retain existing ones and maximum company exposure
    • Organize strategic planning into forms and P&A including Marketing Mapping, Marketing Budget Plan and KPIs
    • Leverage P&A to team members, making sure that every members understand their roles and responsibilities to maximum the effectiveness of executive
    • Propose, manage and control the budget plan and expense, saving cost and maximum use of expense at the same time.
  2. Market Study and Research:
    • Consolidate and organize marketing research studies, evaluate and analyze findings of consumers’ behavior and perception, competitors’ activities and market share
    • Perform market study and research by various platform including Market visit, Mystery shopping and Customer survey both Phnom Penh and Province Market Area.
    • Report feedback to management so to find the next solution to maintains the market position and compete with competitors
  3. Marketing and Sales Execution:
    • Manage marketing communications and promotional campaigns by working closely either Marketing and sales member, agencies on printing, advertising, event planning and direct marketing
    • Advertising campaign with multi-channel platform, mixing the use of traditional marketing and digital marketing
    • Ensure that sales activity is directed towards areas of maximum profitable revenues by preparing sales promotion by seasonal, holidays and sales revenues
    • Support sales activities and their customers for maximum brand exposure including advertisement (SSB, Lightbox, Display and sample) , Sales promotion ads campaign.
    • Organize and execute marketing event for various objectives including customer objectives, Brand Exposure, Product introductions and customer retention
    • Develop branding materials by consistency on branding positioning including: Product Poster, TDS, Sample, Sales Kits, POSM and other stationary
    • Conduct training and Development program to train sales team and related member
    • Communicate product sales price to related department by providing them both soft and hard copy
    • Support sales team in response to their customer feedback, product error and problem, site visit and consulting with product principles and technicians
    • Develop and prepare Sales retention program including sales rebate, Sales incentive and any awards, requested by the management
    • Digital and social media advertisement and campaign, promoting the products and brand by organize growth and paid advertisement
    • Organize and information flow into website
    • Working closely with each product principles to develop marketing strategy, P&A, execution and market update. Request any accessory materials to support sales including POSM, Catalog, Sample and Promotion
    • Leading and manage team member, leveraging works and planning by KPIs and evaluation.
  4. Group Level:
    • Participants in ISI Group monthly meeting to update each other BU, keeping the information and communicate relevant across all BU under the ISI Group
    • Participants in any events, activations and marketing materials to maximum the company exposure in Group level.
  5. Manage other tasks, projects and assignments as request by the management.


Job Requirements

• Bachelor Degree or Master Degree in Business Development, Marketing,             Economic & Finance
• Age: 30 years old up
• At least 5 years experiences
• Able to use MS Office: word & Excel, PowerPoint, Internet & Email
• Good Command in English & Chinese both speaking and writing
• Advanced communication skills
• Strong result orientation and problem solving skill
• Ability to work a flexible schedule & Travel.


Competitive Officer:

• Yearly Salary Increment
• Bonus
• Insurances
• Training and Development
• Others


Contact Information

Phone                           : (+855) 010 484 535 (+855) 092 484 535

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