Financial Transaction Oversight:
• Review and ensure accurate recording of the company’s financial transactions, including amounts, accounts, and accounting periods.
• Analyze the company’s financial information to provide valuable insights to the management.
Account Reconciliation:
• Perform monthly reconciliation for various accounts, such as Bank, cash, fixed assets, inventory, prepayment, payable, and receivable.
• Confirm the accuracy of balance sheets through comprehensive reconciliation processes.
Budget Monitoring:
• Review and monitor Budget Vs Actual Sales and expenditures.
• Conduct variance analysis to identify and address discrepancies.
Process Design and Implementation:
• Assist in the design and implementation of improved accounting processes.
• Contribute to the optimization of the company’s overall accounting procedures.
Team Management:
• Supervise the accounting team, providing guidance and support.
• Collaborate with team members to ensure cohesive and efficient workflow.
Financial Information Analysis:
• Interpret financial information to assist corporate executives in making informed business decisions.
• Provide insights and recommendations based on thorough financial analyses.
Additional Duties:
• Undertake tasks as assigned by management to support organizational objectives.
• Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in handling diverse responsibilities.

• Master’s or bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or equivalent.
• Minimum 3 years of experience in supervising accounting teams.
• Additional educational experience such as CFA, CPA, and ACCA Program is a plus.
Technical Skills:
• Proficiency in MS Office and other accounting software.
Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
• Strong command of English, both written and verbal.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Analytical and Organizational Abilities:
• Strong analytical capabilities, organizational skills, and project management proficiency.
• Superior attention to detail and execution skills.
Initiative and Adaptability:
• Ability to take initiative, adapt to changing priorities, and learn and use new technologies.
• Problem-solving mindset and multitasking capabilities.